Andrew Luther Cope

I don't see color like most do.


I have a difficult time rendering yellows and warmer hues. Despite the perceived imperfections in my vision, subject is the single most important aspect of what I see, it’s what provokes and inspires me.


To fall in love with your subject is to capture them. To capture them is to see. To see is to create. To create is to focus. To focus is to put our short-lived attention spans on one moment in hopes of creating feelings of wonder and awe. 


What provokes thought -- emotional, spiritual, and physical reaction -- is what starts the chemical process in one’s brain, observing something.

Humans inherently all have the same taste, it’s just bastardized by our conditioning as we grown up.


As children, we’re amazed by everything;


  • that big red ball

  • snow

  • the color orange 



However, we get uninspired as we age due, not only to the things we are subjected to, but by being unaware of how influential those things are to our perceived perspective. By not taking responsibility for the things that condition us, we lose sight of our subject.


I hope to see.

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