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It has come to my attention that old men have tried to leave a legacy on society that diminishes the rights of women and minorities. These fundamental human rights dealing with the freedom of choice, the freedom of expression, the ability to vote, and the sovereignty over one’s body continue to rest in the hands of those they do not even pertain to. The questioning and in some cases outlawing of these rights has inspired me to create the series titled: 

“No Country For Old Men”  Volume I

Art provokes questions, and conversations. Intentionality dictates my work and the titling of this series, making dialogue and purpose the center point of my artistic process.

These photographs are the first of 8 planned for this series that will be made available to the public. All pieces available for purchase will be printed on archival print and custom framed. This is a very limited edition run.


48x48" ($1500)  or 36X36" ($1200) for this edition 2 of each will be sold, with the option of them being mounted and framed for additonal cost 

No Country for Old Men Volume I

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