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The Mac 11 machine pistol is a firearm that has had significant cultural impact over the years. Originally designed in the 1970s as a compact and highly portable weapon for military and law enforcement use, the Mac 11 soon found its way into popular culture as a symbol of power, danger, and rebellion. It has been featured prominently in movies, television shows, and music videos, and has been used as a prop by countless artists and performers. Its sleek design and deadly reputation have made it a coveted item among gun enthusiasts and collectors, but it has also been a source of controversy and criticism due to its association with crime and violence. Whether seen as a symbol of strength and freedom or as a dangerous weapon that represents the darker side of human nature, the Mac 11 machine pistol remains an iconic and influential cultural artifact, being present in movies, music, and a variant was the concealed carry weapon of Ronald Reagans whitehouse.  36"x36" prints on archival paper one will be sold of each colorway. with the option to have it framed and mounted for additional cost

The 80's Tommy Gun

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